25/03/2011 The last ever Politics UK

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, Britain's finance minister, delivers his budget: will it get Britain's economy motoring? Some conflicting views on that question. The sheer, exasperating difficulty of governing... ten months in, how is team Cameron doing? We consult three wise men. And, after no-one knows how many years, Politics UK bows out. Presented by Dennis Sewell.

In the last ever edition of Politics UK: Britain's finance minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne delivered his second budget this week. We hear conflicting views on its prospects for creating growth in the UK economy from two MPs, the Conservative Matthew Hancock and Labour's Rachel Reeves, both of whom are former Bank of England economists. They joined the Bank at the same time and their argument about economics has been going on for a decade.

Since growth these days depends so much upon confidence, and confidence, in turn, upon interpretation, how the media judge the budget can itself have an effect on economic outcomes. So how did George Osborne's speech go down with the pundits? We consult Fraser Nelson, the editor of the Conservative-friendly Spectator magazine, and John Rentoul, a Labour supporter and columnist for the Independent.

After ten months in power, how is Team Cameron doing? We seek the opinions of three wise men of British politics. Lord Hennessy is Professor of Contemporary British History at Queen Mary, University of London. Lord Howe was Chancellor of the Exchequer, foreign secretary and deputy prime minister under Margaret Thatcher and Lord Donoughue was an adviser to Labour prime ministers Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan and a minister under Tony Blair.

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