Sachiko Hamada's father is one of the Fukushima 50, the workers inside Japan's damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant who have become nameless heroes. For relatives of the men involved, this is a terrible time. She hasn't heard from him for more than a week. The latest news that a number of workers have been taken to hospital after being exposed to high levels of radiation has only added to her fears for his safety. She told Matthew Bannister about her anxious wait.

Over the last year on Outlook we've been following an expedition called Atlantic Rising. The team have been on a journey around the Atlantic coastline of a number of countries - looking at how rising sea levels could affect the people who live there. In North America, they found some people responding to coastal erosion by moving their whole house. And if they live in the state of Virginia, they often call Gabriel Matyiko house moving business to carry out the work. He told Outlook about his tough, dangerous and extremely physical work.

Mike Speck lives in Evergreen, Colorado in the USA. You might have heard of love striking people like a bolt from the blue - Mike was literally struck by lightning on his wedding day in 2008. He tells Matthew how his wedding was the biggest day of his life - in more ways than one.
Zara Mirza is an Indian medical student and her husband Farhan is an IT specialist from a Pakistani family. They both live in Bahrain, which is where they met, fell in love and got married. Zara told me about confronting the problems of marrying across the India/Pakistan divide - and how the current unrest is affecting their lives.

At the Cricket World Cup matches that are taking place in Sri Lanka at the moment, a distinctive figure has been sitting at the front of the big glass media boxes at the shiny new stadiums, or asking technical questions at news conferences. Clad in a headscarf, 28-year-old Sania Zaidi is a cricket journalist who's come to Sri Lanka from the Pakistani city of Multan. Sania is remarkable in that she's been blind since childhood. She told Charles Haviland how her interest in sport began.

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