Titan tree

Kapok trees do not grow in groups, but as individuals. They are the tallest type of tree in their rainforest, growing over 200 feet high and rising so far above the rest of the forest that they have a climate all their own. There is sunshine and wind here, but wind can be a problem as it can rob leaves of their moisture. So the kapok has very small leaves and it uses the wind to distribute its seeds which are extremely fluffy and float above the canopy for miles. The crowns of tall trees are home to the largest and fiercest jungle birds. In South America these are harpy eagles, in Africa crowned eagles and in Malaysia hawk eagles. All produce just one nestling which they must feed with meat for almost a year until they too are big enough to hunt. Few other birds dare to fly above the canopy when there are eagles about.

Release date: 02 Mar 2011

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