Termite terminator

David Attenborough visits the Brazilian savannah to see a giant anteater. It has very poor eyesight and hearing so finds its way around predominantly by smell. Luckily the only things that might attack it here are a jaguar, a puma or a savannah fox if it was a baby. The anteater defends itself with its huge forelegs and gigantic claws. When it is feeding on termites it uses its claws very carefully to open the exit tunnel on a termite mound. Once it has done that it pokes its nose into the tunnel entrance, flicks out its 20-inch long tongue that is coated with sticky mucous and picks off the worker termites clinging to the tunnel walls. After about half a minute, and before the soldier termites can turn up with their powerful bites, the anteater moves on. It is always on the move, sleeping in the open at night when it is blanketed against the cold by its huge hairy tail. Having no permanent den, the female carries her youngster on her back.

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