A dog's life

Jonathan Scott and Richard Goss are watching a pack of wild dogs. The alpha female spends most of her time at the den looking after the cubs so must rely on the rest of the pack to feed her. When the pack returns she approaches the others for food - in a very infantile way - prompting their regurgitation response. Around the den, a number of hooded vultures are looking for scraps of regurgitated food and wild dog faeces. The dogs chase the vultures but not in a very serious or aggressive way. As they watch, the dogs start stretching. This ritual is important to wild dogs as it not only prepares the muscles for action but also spreads the word that it is time to go. A series of elaborate greetings - gradually involving more and more dogs - is also important for strengthening bonds. When the dominant female emerges from her den she is instantly a focus of attention. The others constantly reinforce these social bonds as they thrash around, greeting and scent-marking each other.

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5 minutes


Role Contributor
PresenterJonathan Scott
ProducerRobin Hellier
Camera OperatorMike Fox
Camera OperatorHugh Maynard

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