The Next Mark - Sports Agent Don Coleman

Ash introduces the gang to scumbag Sports Agent Don Coleman. As he gives us the background, we see Coleman at work. First he runs over a rival agent and then he cons a rather simple mum into letting him sign her son to a small time football club. It's only now we learn this club is Railton FC, Ash's team, and Coleman is the one who caused it to go under.
Mickey listens with interest - it's about time someone taught Coleman a lesson and who better than the Hustle team.

Release date:


4 minutes


Role Contributor
Mickey StoneAdrian Lester
Albert StrollerRobert Vaughn
Ash MorganRobert Glenister
Emma KennedyKelly Adams
Sean KennedyMatt Di Angelo
Don ColemanDavid Harewood
Pete WilsonDimitri Leonidas
Mrs PriceGemma Arrowsmith
Asda PriceScott McNess
DirectorColin Teague
ProducerJane Hudson
WriterChris Lang

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