The 25 year campaign of terror conducted by the Lords Resistance Army - or LRA - is still having powerful after effects in a number of African countries. For his final report on the legacy of the LRA, the BBC's Mike Thomson has visited a camp for displaced people near the town of Dungu in North Eastern Congo. There he met two teenagers - Jean Pierre and his sister Amidawe - both of whom were abducted by the rebels and subjected to horrific violence.

How would you react if you came home to find your daughter had been brutally murdered -- and then you discovered that the killer was your son? That's the dilemma that faced Leslie Jenkins and her husband Brian. Happily married and with two children, they came home one day in January 1998 to find the body of their daughter Jennifer who had been shot five times by her brother Mason. Leslie tells Matthew Bannister how she and her husband have found the strength to forgive their son for what he did. Their story has been told in a documentary film called "Life With Murder".

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