Rodd’s Bad Day - Sleep is Important!

Presenter Rodd helps us learn how lack of sleep affects how our brain works. Rodd is usually very organised but he is staying up too late playing computer games. The children help him realise how badly he is affected by the lack of sleep through playing a memory game. Rodd then goes off for a good night's sleep and returns bright and cheery with a tidy house. He plays another memory game and is able to remember things much more clearly.

To play the first game you will need scissors, a pencil sharpener, rubber, apple and a lunchbox. For the second - scissors, a watch, a water bottle, pencil and sock are required.

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11 minutes


Role Contributor
PresenterRodd Christensen
ProducerUzma Mir-Young
Executive ProducerKaren Johnson
Executive ProducerSara Harkins
WriterRuth Chalmers
WriterNeil Scott

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