The Lord's Resistance Army is notorious for abducting children - it's taken at least sixty thousand over the last twenty-five years. The boys are brutalised into becoming killers. Richard Ocitti's story is typical. He was just twelve when he was captured. During the three years he spent with the LRA, he was forced to do some unspeakable things. The BBC's Mike Thomson went to meet him in northern Uganda.

For more than thirty years, courtroom artist Marilyn Church has had a front row seat at many of the most gripping legal dramas in the United States. She's sketched mafia dons, serial killers and celebrities for publication in newspapers. The Library of Congress in Washington has recently acquired more than four thousand of her artworks - a rare honour for a courtroom artist. The job has brought Marilyn some unwanted attention from criminals but, as she told Jo Fidgen, she still gets a kick out of it.

Niklas Frank has spent his life atoning for the crimes of his father, a senior Nazi. Niklas was born in 1939, the year that Germany invaded Poland. His father, Hans, was made governor of occupied Poland, and was responsible for the extermination of millions of people in death camps. At the end of the war, Hans Frank was captured by American troops, found guilty at the Nuremberg trials of war crimes and crimes against humanity, and executed. In 1987, Niklas published a book attacking his father, and since then has toured Germany talking to young people about the horrors of Nazism. He told reporter Alfonso Daniels his story.

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