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Making profits is what business is all about isn't it? Well perhaps not. In one US state they've just brought in a new law which protects companies who put social responsibility before making money. It allows them to become 'Benefit Corporations' which means that shareholders can't complain if the company takes decisions to, for example, protect the environment or buy locally, even if that hurts the bottom line. Now other US states are planning to follow suit as our reporter Jane O'Brien reports from Washington.
Watching the images of the protests in Egypt, Tunisia and Iran it is striking how young many of the people on the streets and city squares are. Justin Rowlatt asks Dr Hassan Hakimian, the new Director of the London Middle East Institute, how significant it is for the economies of Middle Eastern nations that the average age is so low?
Plus the latest inflation figures from China show that prices are still rising much faster than the government wants. Chris Hogg reports from Shanghai that the government is trying its best to keep inflation in check but without much effect.

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