German China trade

Germany and China are two of the world's most successful exporters but increasingly they find they are on the same turf.

As China moves away from simple manufacturing it needs technology. But there is a warning from Germany that China will take German technology?

Artur Fischer, the head of the Berlin Stock Exchange, used to be involved in manufacturing. He tells Steve Evans that when businesses outsourced to factories in China, they found that the Chinese had copied their goods and then tried to sell them back to Germany. China says it is clamping down on the piracy of products. Stephen Wong is the director of the Hong Kong trading office in Berlin and tells Steve how China is going about this.

So how does Germany sustain its economic growth? Steve asks the economics minister Rainer Bruderle. Plus Dieter Burmester, whose company Burmester makes expensive sound systems. He thinks countries which let their manufacturing decline have lost their way.

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