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Saturday 22 January 2011

Rising unemployment, towering debt, sluggish growth rates and fears of inflation were once the worries of the poorer countries of the world. But now it’s Europe and the USA who are in trouble.

On the programme today former World Bank economist Dambisa Moyo will be telling us what radical medicine she prescribes for the West, if it’s to avoid permanent decline.

And with a fresh look at why folk music was so important to Hungarian composer Béla Bartók, Australian musicologist, Malcolm Gillies.

Water engineer Dragan Savic, whose pioneering work with mathematical models, is finding new ways to assess the risks of tinkering with nature by changing the courses of rivers.

llustration by Emily Kasriel: The West diverted upstream to a future of poverty while inspired by the folk harmonies of Bartók.


4 items
  • Dambisa Moyo

    Dambisa Moyo

    Stark choices ahead for Western economies if they’re to avoid permanent decline, suggests Zambian born economist Dambisa Moyo.

  • Malcolm Gillies

    Malcolm Gillies

    Eminent music scholar Malcolm Gillies on the importance of folk music in the works of Hungarian composer Béla Bartók.

  • Dragan Savic

    Dragan Savic

    Pioneering water engineer Dragan Savic on modelling the impact of grandiose plans to reroute rivers.



    In our 60 second idea water engineer, Dragan Savic says that in a world which is getting ever more complex, we need to teach our children how to deal with these complexities be they economic, environmental or technological. He suggests that the way to do this is to teach all 7 year olds Systems Theory – he says it will give them the tools to view the world as it really is, a complex set of interconnecting systems.


    The first of two special Forums at the Jaipur Literary Festival in India, with Nepali writer, Manjushree Thapa, Kavery Nambisan, a doctor from rural India and Gurcharan Das, a former CEO of a large multinational who’s gone back to his roots and become a Sanskrit scholar.


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