Caribou death traps

The winter may have been an exercise in extreme survival – but at least the caribou didn't have bears to contend with. The bears were all hibernating throughout the winter – but now they emerge from their dens. After five or six months underground they're hungry. Bears are surprisingly fast - but Claudia is young and healthy, she should be able to outpace them. And there's more... As the weather warms up, the ice melts, turning the snow to slush, and the frozen rivers into death traps. And the Porcupine River is melting too - with Claudia stuck on the wrong side. Crossing the river like this would be suicide. Yet another delay. She hesitates for three days. Is she looking for a safe place to cross? Isn’t it amazing what those satellite collars reveal? Without them, scientists would know nothing of this sort of behaviour. At last Claudia’s satellite co-ordinates show that she crosses safely along with the others. Let’s hope she can make up for lost time.

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