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Simon Singh's Numbers, Another Five Numbers Episode guide

  1. Game Theory

    When 3G phone licences were sold, game theory was used to boost proceeds for the Treasury.

    First broadcast: 31 Oct 2003

  2. Kepler's Conjecture

    Is the 'face-centred cubic lattice' the most efficient way of stacking spheres?

    First broadcast: 30 Oct 2003

  3. The Largest Prime

    Can large prime numbers be used to form the basis of more secure encryption codes?

    First broadcast: 29 Oct 2003

  4. The Number Seven

    Are 7 shuffles sufficient to achieve a good degree of randomness in a deck of 52 cards?

    First broadcast: 28 Oct 2003

  5. The Number Four

    Are 4 colours enough to paint any map, so neighbouring countries have different colours?

    First broadcast: 27 Oct 2003

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