The Forum this week: exploring the boundary between manipulation and collaboration. (Watch the video of PJ O'Rourke's world-changing gadget below.)

How would our lives change if we could regrow bits of our bodies? We enter the pioneering world of nano technology, where scientists are learning how to send signals to our failing organs to regenerate themselves, with bio engineeer, Sam Stupp.

And when you peer deep into the human ear and the way our brains interpret music, what is exactly happening? According to Physicist and musician Philip Ball, it’s all about detecting and expecting patterns.

And a different sort of probing from America’s most quoted humorist: PJ O’Rourke explains why politicians are a medicine we should only take in very small doses.
Illustration by Emily Kasriel. Sending nano filaments to regenerate broken organs as we listen to patterns in music prompting us to demand a cut down in the number of politicians.

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