In the early 1990s, a group of four South African photographers made their names by fearlessly covering the violence that accompanied the handover of power to the black majority.

As the ANC fought their political rivals Inkatha, the photographers' willingness to get close to the action earned them the nickname "the Bang Bang Club".

One of the surviving members - Greg Marinovich - tells Matthew Bannister about his life on South Africa's front line and how he has come to terms what he witnessed.

Angel is a police officer who has become a national hero in Spain after he leapt in front of a moving underground train to save a man who had fallen onto the tracks.

He tells Jo Fidgen how his police training helped him to keep calm as he saved the man with barely a second to spare.

Over the last year we've been following the progress of the Atlantic Rising expedition.

Since September 2009, three British campaigners have travelled more than 28,000 miles, through 21 countries, aiming to raise awareness of the effects of rising sea levels.

Their latest report comes from the Orinoco Delta in Venezuela.

Will Lorimer went to the region to visit Maria Cabrella who runs a remote tourist lodge and supplies medicines to the indigenous Warao Indians.

She tells him how their traditional way of life is under threat from the rising sea level.

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