Episode 1

The past two years have seen an increase in anti-semitic attacks around the world, from Venezuela to France, Moldova to Belgium. They peaked during Israel's war with Gaza. A global poll in 2008 showed half of all Spaniards rating Jews unfavourably, more than one-third of Russian and Poles doing the same.

Is this a resurgence of the old right-wing semitism, or something new, connected to hostility to Israel? And how is the phenomenon of Holocaust denial gaining ground in the Middle East?

In this episode, Wendy Robbins visits the Swedish city of Malmo where Jews are the victims of 30% of hate crimes, and Jewish families – fearful for their children - are leaving.

She tackles such issues as the difference between a critical voice raised against Israel's policies and making Israel a scapegoat for global problems – and the splits within the Jewish community concerning where the line is to be drawn between criticism of Israel and anti-semitism.

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