Ray Winstone

King Arthur gets the Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster treatment in a new version of the legend about to be released. Chris Tookey talks to the film's director Antoine Fuqua and star Ray Winstone, who plays the veteran knight Bors.

Before Sunset, the sequel of the 1995 film Before Sunrise is released in cinemas this week with the same team of director Richard Linklater and actors Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. Nine years on Julie Delpy describes to Back Row how the characters have changed.

With a new release due out of the classic The Stepford Wives, Chris Tookey talks to the original film's director Bryan Forbes and his missus - one of said Wives - Nanette Newman.

Chris Tookey talks to film director Jean Jacques Annaud, whose curious CV includes The Name of the Rose, Seven Years in Tibet, Enemy at the Gates and his latest Two Brothers, the story of two tiger cubs.

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