Hajj On Wheels

Photograph: A group including blind and partially sighted pilgrims in Mecca.

The pilgrimage to Mecca, the Hajj, can be a challenge even for able-bodied Muslims.

But the obstacles are infinitely greater for Muslims with disabilities.

Although the Hajj is not a religious obligation for them, many dream of undertaking this journey of a lifetime.

Join BBC World Service journalist Meena Bakhtash as she speaks to Muslims who have undertaken the Hajj in a wheelchair or with a white cane.

Among them are Betty Hasan-Amin, an African American from Atlanta, Georgia, who was left paralysed by an accident at the age of 17.

She has vivid memories of how she did her seven circles around the Kaaba in a basket held aloft by six Nigerian brothers.

Faisal Rao, who was born in Pakistan and contracted polio as a young child, but strongly believes that it is his duty to perform the Hajj like any other Muslim.

And David and Sana Viner from Birmingham in England. Sana is blind and was overwhelmed by 'seeing' the Kaaba using her hands.

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