Flesh mob

Steve Leonard pays a visit to a local market in Peru to buy a duck carcass before setting off to find one of the most feared animals on the planet. Piranhas believe in big numbers - really big numbers - there can be over 20,000 in a single shoal, all armed to the teeth and very, very hungry. But can piranhas really strip their victims to the bone in just minutes? Steve Leonard dangles the duck carcass in the water and makes it look as if the animal is struggling to break free of the surface with a broken wing or other bleeding injury. First, a small scout darts in to take a bite and checks how the prey reacts. If it gets a violent reaction, they all back off. But if not, then the whole pack just piles in. Just a few minutes later the duck is only tendons and bones. Picking up piranhas is like handling a cocked and loaded gun, with a hair trigger. The jaws are powerful enough to cut through metal. The average pack of piranha has a hunt success-rate of somewhere around 50%. But it only takes bites out of sick and injured prey, so it doesn't really count as proper pack hunting.


Role Contributor
PresenterSteve LEONARD
ProducerMartin HUGHES-GAMES
Camera OperatorMike HOLDING
Camera OperatorSimon KING

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