Asma Jahangir is one of the most famous women in Pakistan. As a lawyer who's specialised in defending women's rights, she's received death threats, witnessed a murder, and had numerous run-ins with the police. She's just become the highest ranked lawyer in the country, the first woman to hold the post of President of the Supreme Court Bar Association.

Daniel Ruiz Diaz has recently celebrated an unusual anniversary. On the 18th of November, he marked 20 years since being diagnosed with HIV. His was one of the very first HIV cases in Bolivia, and he's survived longer than anyone else there. Daniel puts it down to living healthily and taking his medication. Originally from Argentina, he works as an AIDS activist in Cochabamba Boliviam, where our reporter Mattia Cabitza has been to meet him.

Felix Finkbeiner is a German schoolboy with an unusual preoccupation. At the age of nine, he set himself the target of planting a million trees in Germany to help the climate. Now 13, he's achieved his goal and has set up an international organisation - run by children - to plant a million trees in every country in the world. Felix has been travelling the globe, encouraging others to become climate ambassadors. In London recently to pick up an award for his efforts, he came into the Outlook studio to tell Jo Fidgen about his hopes and dreams.

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