The Climb - A trailer for 26 October's Afternoon Play

A trailer for 26 October's Afternoon Play, The Climb.

The Climb is a a feel good drama about three men who venture on a climb of their lives. Ropes, crampons, grappling irons at the ready; D-day has arrived. Frankie, John and Bud are ready, well as ready as they'll ever be. But this is not a mountain, nor a great hill they are preparing to climb tonight - it's Blackpool Tower. Furthermore, Frankie has Down's syndrome, John is blind and Bud is only 3'6". It was Frankie's idea as he wants to follow in the footsteps of his hero Sherpa Tenzing. Frankie believes that Sherpa Tensing had Down's like him because they look similar. The men are forced to pull together as a team in a race against time in an attempt to reach the top as the police try to intercept their highly dangerous (and highly illegal!) deed.

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