Stun gun

Very rarely, Nature designs a weapon system that is quite literally stunning. Here in the Pacific Ocean is a special agent armed with such a weapon. A torpedo ray is hunting. It has harnessed one of the forces of nature, and is capable of unleashing devastating power. This predator is armed with a deadly weapon: a ray-gun. It is wired for attack. A sixth of its weight comprises a network of modified muscles, stacked like a thousand miniature batteries. Their combined voltage is enough to knock a man unconscious. At night creatures seek safety under weed and rocks, but the ray scans for them two metres above. A member of the shark family, it can detect the minute electrical signals produced by living things. A fish has strayed from the safety of the rocks. The ray detects it, but the fish is unaware. The ray closes in, ready to strike. It fires. The attack lasts three and a half seconds. Within this time the ray has judged the size of the fish and zapped it with a lethal dose of electricity. As the ray surges forwards it wraps the fish in its fins. Then it fires three blasts from the stun gun, each one containing 90 electric pulses. It's like an electrical storm of hundreds of separate shocks. The fish's muscles contract so rapidly it breaks its own back. It's consumed and the special agent's batteries are re-charged.

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