Watch Levi pitch in the Den

Reggae singer and chef Levi Roots strummed his way into the Den asking for £50,000 to manufacture his spicy Reggae Reggae Sauce. In return Levi (real name Keith) was offering 20% of equity in the business.

The sauce is a secret recipe from Levi's grandmother and must be hot stuff because even Peter Jones raised a sweat after trying it.

Levi was in a lather too, and got mixed up between his litres and kilos: "I'm a singer, not a mathematician."

Not everyone was impressed. Duncan Bannatyne thought it wouldn't make much money, Deborah Meaden considered it might make just enough to provide a lifestyle business, and Theo Paphitis said that the orders Levi already had meant that he didn't need the investment at all. So they all declared themselves out.

In the end Levi warmed two of the Dragons' hearts though, because Peter Jones offered half the amount for 20% of equity, and Richard Farleigh chipped in with the remaining £25,000 for another 20%.

So he left the Den with £50,000 and 60% of his business and gave the Dragons' a reprise of his song, disappearing to warm applause.
The deal done in the Den:

Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh: £50,000 for 40% of the company.

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