Merlin: The Tears of Uther Pendragon - Part 2 - preview

With Merlin gravely ill from the Serket's poison, Morgana and Morgause continue with their evil plan. They have mentally incapacitated Uther and convinced his enemy, Cenred, to invade Camelot. The fate of the kingdom now rests on Arthur's shoulders.

The Prince and his Knights resist the invaders, but Cenred's soldiers are not the only threat they face. Can Merlin stop Morgana in time to save Arthur from the enemy within?

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26 seconds


Role Contributor
MerlinColin Morgan
ArthurBradley James
MorgauseEmilia Fox
CenredTom Ellis
GaiusRichard Wilson
Uther PendragonAnthony Head
MorganaKatie McGrath
GwenAngel Coulby
Voice of the DragonJohn Hurt
Sir LeonRupert Young
YgraineAlice Patten
Ghost BoyJake Phillips
DirectorJeremy Webb
ProducerJohnny Capps
ProducerJulian Murphy
WriterJulian Jones

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