A taste of Coast's trip to Denmark to meet our North Sea neighbours.

A taste of Coast's journey to Denmark to explore the strong bonds we have with our neighbours across the North Sea. The Danes top the polls as the happiest people on Earth and Neil Oliver wants to know what they have to smile about. Nick Crane investigates how the Danish made a big business out of selling bacon to Britain. Following defeats in the Napoleonic wars and the loss of lucrative farming land, the Danes put poor soil to work rearing pork, but why did the British gobble it up? Alice Roberts sets sail in a full-scale replica of a Viking longship to see how they gave the Norsemen the cutting edge over the English in battle, and helped the Viking King Canute rule over both Denmark and England. Miranda Krestovnikoff meets some unflappable red deer, who manage to make themselves at home on a windswept shoreline, despite the fact that they share the sand dunes with tanks from the Danish army.

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