Xu Lindong is a farmer from Henan province in China. In 2003 he was planning to file a petition to help his neighbour who was involved in a land dispute with local authorities. But before he could he was secretly bundled into a psychiatric unit where he spent the next six and a half years. He tells Outlook what happened to him.

Anh Do is one of Australia's leading comedians. But he nearly didn't make it to Australia at all. His family fled Vietnam in an overcrowded boat when he was just two years old, and survived pirates, dehydration and near starvation to get to what his parents saw as the promised land.

Shabnum Nurmohammed Sheikh is a 26-year-old mother of three daughters living in the town of Anand in Gujarat in western India. Like many other young women there, Shabnum has taken the only route out of poverty open to her - carrying surrogate children for wealthy foreigners.

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