Dr Hawa Abdi
Dr Hawa Abdi runs a clinic outside Mogadishu which has turned into a refugee camp for thousands of Somalis. Matthew speaks to Dr Abdi and her daughter Amina from our Nairobi studio about the daily challenges she faces in her dual roles as a doctor and head of a mini-state of thousands of refugees.

Ajay Navaria
The Dalits, or so-called lower castes, make up almost a fifth of India's billion strong population. They've often been either persecuted or ignored. But now they're finding their own voice. Since the 1990s, Dalit literature - which expresses the anger of this marginalised group - has become a growing force. Thirty eight-year-old Ajay Navaria is making his name as a prominent Dalit writer. He tells Outlook's Suhail Haleem how trhe suffering of his ancestors inspired him to start writing.

Dom Joly - Dark Tourism
British television comedian Dom Joly is best known for his hidden camera show "Trigger Happy TV" which was shown in over seventy countries around the world. But when he's not working, he has a rather unorthodox idea of a holiday. Dom's drawn to countries far away from the tourist track which often have a history of violence and oppression. Now he's written a book about his travels entitled "the Dark Tourist" . He tells Matthew how his his childhood in war torn Beirut has left him drawn to the world's trouble spots.

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