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An eyewitness account from the Swat Valley of the devastating effects of Pakistan's floods

A Diary of the Floods in Pakistan's Swat Valley
As the United Nations says the flooding in Pakistan has affected fourteen million people, we hear from Adnan Rashid from Mingora in the Swat Valley - one of the country's worst hit areas. He explains how all of the hard work the people of Swat have done in the past twelve months to try to rebuild their lives, both physically and mentally, after the Taliban's brutal reign of terror over the region, has been washed away along with their possessions.

A Family's 27,000 km Cycle Trip
One American family is well on the way to completing a 27,000 kilometre ride along the length of the American continent - from above the Arctic Circle in Alaska to the southernmost tip of Argentina. The Vogel family, former teachers John and Nancy and their twin twelve year old sons Davy and Daryl, have already been in the saddle for two and a half years. We catch up with them in Bolivia to hear about their journey and close encounter with a bear.

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