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Sunday 25 July 2010

Today, there’s a curative feel to the programme as we explore how to heal old political scars, nurture the planet and imagine a positive future.

One of the key negotiators of the Northern Ireland peace process, Lord John Alderdice, explains how to use psychotherapy to bring peace.

Forget the rise of Asia: Columbian law lecturer and writer, Oscar Guardiola Rivera is here to tell us why he thinks it’s time for Latin America to assert itself.

And the untapped chemical potential of trees with Irish “renegade scientist” and writer Diana Beresford-Kroeger.

Using psychoanalysis, Latin power and trees to bring opposing sides to the table to establish peace. Illustration by Emily Kasriel.


4 items
  • Lord John Alderdice

    Lord John Alderdice

    Lord Alderdice is a Northern Ireland politician who has applied psychoanalysis to peace negotiations.

  • Oscar Guardiola Rivera

    Oscar Guardiola Rivera

    Colombian lawyer Oscar Guardiola-Rivera tells us why the 22nd century may be Latino led.

  • Diana Beresford-Kroeger.

    Diana Beresford-Kroeger.

    Photo: Christian H. Kroeger
    Diana Beresford Kroeger is an Irish botanist and biochemist living in Canada, where she researches the untapped chemical potential of trees..


    Our Sixty Second Idea to Save the World is delivered this week by Oscar Guardiola Rivera who says we should bring back the power of prophecy to inspire a more positive future.

  • In Next Week’s Programme

    Professor of Economics and US government adviser Nouriel Roubini was viewed by many as a prophet when he predicted the global economic crisis. Deirdre Barrett is an evolutionary psychologist at Harvard Medical School who argues that human evolution has been unable to keep pace with the rapid changes of modern life. And Sri Lankan born novelist and artist Roma Tearne will discuss how narratives can help us to access our imaginations and ultimately our subconscious life.


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