Palestinians in East Jerusalem
What's it like to lose the right to live in your home city? Murad Abu Khalaf is one of thousands of Palestinians from East Jerusalem who have left home to study or work abroad. His right to live in East Jerusalem has now been revoked under Israeli law, because he has chosen to spend more than seven years out of the country.

Born a Girl in California
Tara Mohr in San Francisco first shared her dreams with the BBC for the Born a Girl project as a 17 year old, and has given updates every five years since then. She is now 32 and working as a life coach. She says she has made many changes in her life after facing up to the question: Is this all there is?

Celebrating divorce in Japan
What's it like to be at a Japanese divorce ceremony? Divorce used to be a taboo subject in Japan, but now some couples are choosing to mark their separation in an elaborate ceremony, culminating in the crushing of wedding rings.

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