Tomcat Marion tries catnip for the first time at an underground club and gets stuck up a tree with Kali the pigeon.

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2 minutes


Role Contributor
MarionWarrick Brownlow-Pike
NelsonAndy Heath
DestinyRichard Coombs
DestinySue Beattie
KaliIestyn Evans
PuppeteerMandy Glass
PuppeteerMatt Hutchinson
PuppeteerToby Olia
PuppeteerSimon Buckley
PuppeteerYvonne Stone
Marion (voice)Dan Tetsell
Nelson (voice)Rufus Jones
Destiny (voice)Lucy Montgomery
Kali (voice)Katy Brand
Vince (voice)Paul Kaye
Wendy (voice)Ruth Bratt
Big Issue SellerNick Tanner
TrampLawry Lewin
FiremanSteve North
HimselfChristopher Biggins
HerselfGemma Bissix
HimselfStuart Manning
HimselfPaul Ross
DirectorAdam Miller
ProducerStephen McCrum
WriterJon Brown

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