Stoat patrol

Bill Oddie is watching rabbits. Every single rabbit is standing upright at the moment, which suggests that something is slightly bothering them. Is it up in the sky, is it a bird of prey? No, it’s a stoat. There is an animal you cannot really go out planning to see; it’s always luck. Bill doesn't think he's ever been taken to anywhere where you will see stoats for sure. This one’s wondrously bold. Great tail, look. Bill reckons they’re an animal made for cartoons, because just look at the way they move - they bounce along on all four feet together and then they suddenly stop, leap down a hole, bob up again, off somewhere else. You think they’ll never find anything that way, because they’re moving so quickly they wouldn’t have time to look. But yes, this is a stoat on a hunt. Rabbits beware! Stoat warning! Stoat warning! Actually, the stoat will take baby rabbits but I wouldn’t mess with mum if I were you - the stoat is chased off by a rabbit, which makes you suddenly realise how tiny the stoat is.


Role Contributor
PresenterBill Oddie
Camera OperatorScott Tibbles
Camera OperatorMark Yates
ProducerVicky Webb
ProducerHugh Pearson
Executive ProducerFiona Pitcher

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