Uncommon dock

If you go tip-toeing through the nettles you are liable to get stung, and Bill Oddie does! But as every schoolboy and indeed schoolgirl knows, where there are nettles there are invariably dock leaves to relieve your sting. These are your common old garden dock, but over here is a distinctly uncommon dock. Bill is dwarfed indeed by the Loch Lomond dock. Not only very rare but absolutely enormous, a lot bigger than Bill and the leaves are correspondingly much bigger than ordinary docks. The leaf sort of heart shaped compared with the common dock. Folklore has it that this Loch Lomond dock can be used medicinally for all sorts of things from scurvy to blood conditions, skin conditions, rheumatism, piles just about anything - except stings.

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2 minutes


Role Contributor
PresenterBill Oddie
Sound EngineerChris Watson
Camera OperatorJohn Aitchison
Camera OperatorRobin Riseley
ProducerStephen Moss
DirectorLucy Meadows

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