Wetland badgers

Bill Oddie is on the Somerset Levels looking for an animals that you don't normally associate with wetlands - the badger. Though surrounded by water on all sides, he finds a badger latrine - neat little holes in the ground all filled with badger poo. Judging by the remains, they have a taste for fresh water mussels and somewhere not too far away from here will be their sett. He next finds a pile of earth that he could so easily have walked straight past - it looks like somebody just spilt a grow bag or a couple of grow bags, there’s so much of this peaty earth been dug out here. This is the work of badgers. Their hole, or one of their holes, is down there and there’ll be others hidden away. Surprisingly the whole thing is set up no more than 30 or 40 feet away from deep water. The badgers know they’re on a safe little island. Bill comes back at night to see them as they snuffle round the undergrowth. He quips: "I can hereby testify although these Somerset badgers live with water on all sides they do not have webbed feet."

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