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Ahmadi Mosque Survivor
Back in May, gunmen and bombers attacked two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore in Pakistan. 93 people died and many more were injured. Among those caught up in the attacks was Shahid Ata-Ullah, an ex-army major. He was among more than fifteen-hundred worshippers at one of the mosques that was targeted. He told Matthew Bannister about the attack.

Refugees in Chad - Christian Mukosa
Aasmah Mir talks to Christian Mukosa, a human rights activist, who's just got back from Eastern Chad where 440,000 people are sill living in refugee camps to avoid the fighting in Darfur and along the Chad border with Sudan.

Mother of Seventeen
Mary Monical from Illinois tells Aasmah about the trials, tribulations and joys of bringing up her 17 children.

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