At about 11.30pm a pine marten family is caught on the infra-red cameras. It’s a female followed by her kits and the first time a family group had come down to the observation centre in 2008. The family began busiiy feeding on peanuts, but then started to look for more natural food in the long grass, such as moths, using their keen eyes and ears to pinpoint their prey. One of the youngsters finds an egg and puts in a huge effort to try and crack the shell, but it's just not strong enough and has to give up in the end. Standing on her hind legs, the female looks out for any danger which may be around, and after a short while the family leaves the main observation area. The Springwatch team were prepared for this and had bugged large areas of the forest with cameras, which is where the family next appeared, though they seem quite taken with the infra-red lights!

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