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Raheel Raza
Raheel Raza is the first muslim woman to lead Friday prayers in Britain. Raheel travelled from Canada to conduct the prayers in the city of Oxford in the UK. She tells Outlook how she will stop at nothing to establish equality in the mosque. Her courageous stance has led to receiving death threats and she has also been ostracised by her sister in Pakistan.

Johannesburg's taxi row
Taxi drivers in Johannesburg, South Africa, are furious about a new transport network which they accuse of stealing their livelihood. Many worry that the bus system will reduce the number of taxi commuters, but the government says the buses will improve the country's transport industry, especially during the World Cup.

World's shortest teenager
Teenager Jyoti Amge is the world's shortest teenage girl. At 16 and a half years old, she is just 62 centimetres tall and weighs five kilograms. Her tiny stature is due to a hormone deficiency. But despite her diminutive size, Joyti tells Outlook how she leads a full life, going to a regular school and spending her time playing video games. She even has ambitions to be a Bollywood star.

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