Lightning lizard

When you think of reptile country you imagine them being sunny places where the reptiles can bask in the sun - you don't usually think of shady woods. Reptiles can't control their body temperature, so in the morning when it is cool, they are right out in the sunshine, but at midday they come into the forest to rest and find a place to snooze for the afternoon. Bill and Rhys find an adult slow worm. Slow worms are not snakes, they are legless lizards and called worms... If you took an x-ray of one you would see little bones where its pelvic girdle and shoulder girdle are, but there is nothing visible externally. And it isn't slow - it can wriggle energetically when it's trying to get away. But it is a bit slower than a grass snake. Bill puts it back where they found it.

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Role Contributor
PresenterBill Oddie
ExpertRees Cox
ProducerHilary Jeffkins
DirectorHilary Jeffkins

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