Grit for tits

Bill Oddie is at Leighton Moss in the Lake District. He spots some bearded tits out in the open - not a common sight. Usually they are hiding away in the reeds, hence their other common name - bearded reedling. They are feeding on grit or gravel that has been left out for them by the RSPB. Like a lot of other birds, the bearded tits change their diet from insects and soft food to hard seeds during the winter and they need the grit to help their digestion. Bearded tits aren't tits at all - they belong to a family called parrot-bills. They are the only member of that family in Europe.

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PresenterBill Oddie
ParticipantShirley Martin
ParticipantDennis Nelson
ProducerHilary Jeffkins
DirectorAnuschka De Rohan

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