Flutter by, butterfly

Oddly, an overcast day can be the best time to see butterflies, because in blazing sunshine they are leaping around all over the place, so you can't get a close view. Bill Oddie finds some gatekeeper butterflies. They're absolutely addicted to hedgerows, especially those with brambles. They got their name from the fact that every gate you came though would have these little butterflies nearby. Many butterflies have a false eye on the tip of the wing. This is for fooling birds. The birds think that is the head end and attack there, so the butterfly might lose the tip of its wing, but be able to fly away. The peacock butterfly is very recognisable, and also has an eye marking. A gatekeeper chases the peacock away. A pair of marbled whites are on a plant. One is an amorous female, flapping her wings frantically to waft irresistible perfume about. The male is getting very excited. Some butterflies prefer short grass and others prefer long grass. Long grass is skipper territory, and Bill finds a small skipper, which is laying eggs.

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