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Bhopal convictions, Buses in South Africa and Saving Sierra Leone's chimpanzees

Bhopal Gas Leak Convictions
Eight former plant workers have been convicted of criminal negligence for their part in the Bhopal chemical disaster more than 25 years ago. So how have victims reacted to the verdicts? Campaigner Satinath Sarangi tells us their responses.

South Africa Buses
In the run-up to the World Cup in South Africa, the government has rolled out new buses to help the thousands of extra visitors get around Johannesburg. Local taxi drivers feel their livelihood is under threat and two people have died as tensions rise. Mpho Lakaje reports for Outlook.

Sierra Leone's Threatened Chimpanzees
Often torn between his human family and what he calls his "hairy family", former accountant Bala Amarasekaran campaigns to save the chimpanzees of Sierra Leone. He told Outlook about his Tacugama sanctuary in the capital Freetown.

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