Casting in cavities

You can find evidence of natural wonder all over the city, sometimes in the most unexpected places. Simon King is at the Cabot Circus shopping centre in Bristol, not to go bargain hunting, but to go fossil hunting. A large wall made from Dorset stone called 'roach' is in the middle of the busy shopping centre with thousands of people passing by every day, without giving it a second glance. Yet they are brushing alongside evidence of life on Earth that dates back 150 million years. It may not look that obvious at first, just small pits and marks in the stone, but if you get some modelling clay and push it into the cavities, you can get a perfect cast of an ancient gastropod, a sea snail which once lived off our coasts. Just above is a bigger hole from a bivalve mollusc, a type of clam. There are examples of fossils in our buildings and urban areas all over Britain.

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