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Cemeteries are real oases for wildlife. Every city has them and you expect to find birds nesting, perhaps even foxes. But you don't always think of cemeteries as a place to find deer. The jewel in the crown for this graveyard is the roe deer, certainly not an animal you would think of finding in an inner city cemetery. Normally these animals are quite nervous, and to get close to them you would need to be careful of the wind direction, the noise you made, and keep your distance. But not here. We know that at least two roe deer came to the cemetery originally, but it's difficult to know how they got here in the first place. There is a railway close by and they are traditional highways for wildlife: the rough ground either side of the track is used by lots of creatures. They follow these tracks and suddenly find themselves in the middle of the urban sprawl. There's something very touching about these normally skittish creatures behaving so quietly in the middle of a cemetery.

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PresenterSimon King
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