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Houshang Asadi
Iranian journalist Houshang Asadi endured years of torture while in prison in Iran under two different regimes. His torturer used such inhumane methods to induce Houshang to talk, it took him years to recover. Now after 25 years he has written a book called 'Letters to my Torturer where he confronts his torturer in an attempt to lay the past to rest.

Uruguay's wonderboy director
Federico Alvarez was an advertising director who made films in his spare time. He posted one on the web and soon Hollywood made him an offer to direct a multi-million dollar sci-fi movie. Hear how his everyday life has been transformed by the glitz and glamour of LA.

Delhi's Tongawallahs
In an attempt to clean up the streets ahead of the Commonwealth Games, the Indian Government has refused to renew licences of the 250 horse-drawn carriage drivers that still trot around the old part of the city. The tongawallahs tell Outlook's Suhail Haleem how they fear losing their livelihood.

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