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Murdering mink

Don't be fooled by the otter impersonation, American minks really are mass murderers. They are decimating countless numbers of the UK's river-dwelling species. Their biggest crime is raiding birds' nests and eating the eggs, chicks and even the adults. But they also have a taste for water voles, which are now an endangered species. They were originally brought here from America to be bred and made into expensive ladieswear, however there is an ethical contradiction here. If you hate mink because they are having such a devastating effect on our wildlife then you would probably approve of it being shot and made into clothing. But then if you are against the wearing of fur then presumably it's because you are against the harming of any creature. But if we start protecting mink, we are aiding and abetting the obliteration of many species that make British rivers and coasts wildlife havens.


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PresenterBill Oddie
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