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Zimbabwe's Trevor Ncube, Cuban Jubans in South Sudan, Rescue in the South Atlantic

Trevor Ncube
For the past seven years there has been only one national daily newspaper in Zimbabwe - the state-owned Herald. Now a new media commission in Zimbabwe has licensed a handful of private newspapers. One of them - Newsday - is published by Trevor Ncube. He tells us what the launch of the paper will mean for the people of Zimbabwe.

Sudan's Cuban Jubans
From tropical island to the banks of the Nile... we hear the story of South Sudan's intellectual elite, who studied in Cuba and have now returned home to help rebuild one of the least developed areas of the world.

Rescue in the South Atlantic
What happens when your yacht hits an underwater iceberg in the chilly South Atlantic, and starts to sink? British sailor Carl Lomas and his family owe their lives to the Royal Navy, who just happened to have a ship in the area.

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