I've been trying to find a nice quote about money to introduce this week's One Planet - but after speaking to a whole host of people about cash in recent days, it seems clear that no single quote will do. Money means many things to many people - oppression, freedom, work, shopping, food.

Mike introduces the show from a currency trading floor in central London - plenty of money there, with dollars, pounds and euros all warmly embraced. But not everyone appreciates the colour green. Mike meets up with Mark Boyle - a man who's decide to give up using any money whatsoever. Watch our YouTube channel to get a video tour of his home.

Also in the show, Mike goes for a stroll along a busy London shopping street with Annie Leonard, narrator of the hugely successful internet film "The Story of Stuff". Hear her argument on why our constant desire to be buying things is wreaking havoc on our planet.

There's plenty more in the show, so do tune in and then let us know what you think - email the team at oneplanet@bbc.com. Or join in the conversation on our Facebook page, the link's below.

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