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Andy Kershaw introduces Music Planet

Andy Kershaw introduces the Radio 3 series Music Planet, eight one-hour programmes of music to accompany the major BBC1 TV series ‘Human Planet’.

Andy Kershaw and Lucy Duran have been trekking all over the world to bring us music from the peoples of some of the world’s remotest regions – from the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the deserts of Mali; from the heart of the Amazon to the islands of the Pacific; from the dark winter days of Greenland to the long summer nights of Arctic Norway; from the dried-up rivers of Kenya to the grasslands of Mongolia.

Music Planet will accompany the transmission of BBC1’s ‘Human Planet’, and follows the different environments and landscapes of the TV series: Arctic, Oceans, Grasslands, Rivers, Deserts, Mountains, Jungles and finally the Urban environment. ‘Music Planet’ is a chance to go more deeply into the cultures featured in the TV series: music is perhaps the most profound expression of the human spirit, and it can take us to the emotional heart of a culture. Sometimes, people we saw in Human Planet will reappear in Music Planet, like the shark-callers of Papua New Guinea, and the Sami reindeer-herders of Norway; and always it’s the very best of that culture’s music, captured in high-quality sound by the BBC’s top music recording engineers. And throughout, Andy Kershaw and Lucy Duran bring their own special insights to the music.


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