Mountains or mole hills?

Meet the real life moley, he's undeniably plump and furry and looks as though he would be nice to cuddle. Maybe part of their appeal is that they eminate helplessness. The first word that springs to most people's mind when talking of moles is 'blind'. Maybe we instantly feel sorry for them, but we don't need to - moles are not blind. They don't see very well, but then they don't need to, as they spend most of their lives underground in tunnels. They sniff out their food with sensitive noses and feed on slugs, worms and other 'undesirable' creatures. But they are not everyone's favourite creature, especially those who are proud of their perfect lawns. Having a mole in your garden can be like having a small bulldozer working underground. They can excavate 20m of tunnel every day, and nothing will stand in their way.

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